In-Shop Computer Support

Best PC Repair in Mobile,Saraland,Tillmans Corner.  Windows computers fixed fast and done right.

You may bring your PC to our Three Locations for a free diagnostic and quick turn-around.  If you prefer to have a PC technician come to you, you may schedule a computer visit.
Computer repair should not be stressful.  You need your PC up and running so you can get back to work.  Plus, you have other errands and tasks to take care of.  We get that.  As such, we will fix your PC quickly, typically in the same day.  Although we have fast repair technicians, we still ensure the job is done right as a permanent fix.  You will get your PC fixed and back like nothing was wrong in the first place.

Considering using the Geek Squad from Best Buy or Staples’ EasyTech?  You can’t be serious?!

You may have considered going with the Geek Squad from Best Buy or EasyTech from Staples.  Or perhaps there’s another big chain store that could repair your computer.  We are not ones to disparage the competition, but let’s just say they give us a lot of referrals after not being able to satisfy customers.
Here’s what customers have said after coming from such big box chain companies and why should avoid them:

  • My computer was left there for 4 weeks and when it came back, it still didn’t work.
  • I asked for my computer virus to be removed.  Instead, they completely wiped out all my files.
  • I asked for a price quote and after 2 months of hearing nothing, I picked up my desktop.
  • I needed data recovery, but they don’t do that in their store.
  • I asked if the PC repair is done at their location. They gloomy replied, “No, we ship it away to a depot.”
  • My 1-year old, still-under-warranty, laptop wouldn’t start up.  The sales rep tried to pitch me a new computer.